New camera – 4×5 Z – coming soon

The new RealitySoSubtle 4×5 pinhole camera is almost ready for release.

A modular design in marine grade plywood that can be configured in a variety of focal distances including that of the original RealitySoSubtle 4×5 camera (35mm focal distance).

In addition to doing exactly what the original 4×5 could do it can also be configured in 50mm, 75mm and 90mm focal distance. The pinhole shutter-boards can be swapped out seamlessly too. 2 boards (0.2 and 0.3mm) cover all 4 focal distances. Vertical and horizonal rise available for all focal distances.

Changing configurations is quick and painless.

The camera parts will be available to purchase as a complete kit that will allow 4 focal distances or as individual components. For example the back can be purchased separately for those that wish to start their own 4×5 project from a sturdy base (the back is the most challenging part for d.i.y’ers). The back inlcudes 2 x tripod mounts and a clamping back to secure the film holder.

Pricing as follows:

back : €40

extension : €30

half extension : €30

Pinhole shutter-board (0.2 or 0.3mm): €40

Full 4 focal distance kit : €180

Components required for camera with 4 focal distance (35,50,75 and 90mm) capability:

1 x back

1 x extension

1 x half extension

1 x shutter board 0.2mm (35mm)

1 x shutter board 0.3mm (50,75 and 90mm)

Here are some test shots at each focal distance – 35mm,50mm,75mm and 90mm.


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more holidays..

Holiday time until 10th  September. Any pinhole aperture orders in the mean time will ship 10th September. For camera shipping dates see the ‘Shop’ menu.

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Holiday time until 2nd August. Any pinhole aperture orders in the mean time will ship 2nd August. For camera shipping dates see the ‘Shop’ menu.


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GB customers..

The link below will somewhat clarify the situation regarding customs duty and VAT due if you import my cameras into Great Britain (does not apply to N.I which remains in the EU customs union).


As such it appears that any order up to a value of £135 (so any order of 6×6, 6x6f or 6x9f camera) would not incur customs duty though VAT would be payable upon delivery by the customer.

Orders above £135 ( e.g 6x12s and 6x17s) would incur both customers duty and VAT.

Correctly filled in customs declaration form CN23 will be included with any shipment to GB.

Hope this helps to clarify the situation!

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The good:  New product shots added to the website for the 6×6,6x6F,6×12,6x12F,6×17 and 6x17F.
















The not so good – long over-due price increase of about 5% on the 6×6 and panoramic cameras.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021! Good riddance 2020!

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The ‘new normal’..

Things with my material suppliers and La Poste (my preferred shipping service) have returned to a reasonable level of service. 

I’ve been posting pinhole apertures almost daily as I can print my own stamps from home and just pop them in the letter box in town. I think there was a lot of pinhole cameras built during this lock-down!

For EU packages I can place them for collection in my own letter box.. this has been a god-send to keep things going over the last 8 weeks. Shout out to the friendly french postmen and women! 

Packages destined for outside EU require me to go to the post office and queue up around the block with the rest  of the ‘undead’… but I am still happy to have these orders.

During this period I’ve also added a new CNC machine to my workshop and have some plans to use it to do some cool new pinhole stuff.

Thanks and best wishes to all my customers! 


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