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New 6×12 and 6×17’s

New 6×12 and 6×17 curved film plane panoramic cameras now available to order. The cameras are upgraded from the previous models to include a 3rd central pinhole and 84mm (Cokin P) filter mount. Ergonomics have also been improved – loading is much easier due to the removeable insert.

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Spotlight #7 – Mark McCreary II

Mark lives in Hawaii and shoots the RSS6x12, 6×6 , 6x6F and 35R. He shares his thoughts and images on his pinhole photography. Hi Mark, can you tell us why you shoot pinhole rather than regularlensed photos? It probably sounds silly, but I like the challenge of pinhole over regular lensed photos. The first time […]

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Spotlight #6 – Alain Paris

I met Alain a few years ago after he contacted me to meet to talk about my pinhole cameras. Since then we meet up regularly to have a beer and talk photography, go shooting or try out some new technique in the darkroom . He’s extremely knowledgeable on conventional and alternative processes and after 50 […]

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Spotlight #5 – David O’Brien

Enjoy the fantastic pinhole landscapes of UK based ‘pinholer’ David O’Brien… (click images for larger view) Hi Dave! What’s your background in pinhole photography? I’ve been shooting film pinhole for over 10 years but my passion for photography (and film photography in particular) has been present for over 40 years.  Coming from a traditional landscape […]

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Spotlight #4 – Danny Kalkhoven

Spotlight on Dutch pinholer Danny Kalkhoven – I’ve known Danny online since 2006 when we used to frequent the F295 Lensless Imaging forums. (click images for larger view) Hi Danny, can you tell us why you shoot pinhole?  Back in 2002 I attended a photography course, the teacher spotted my G.A.S. and challenged me to […]

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Spotlight #3 – Niels Hansen

Danish photographer Neils Hansen shoots the RealitySoSubtle 6x6F (central pinhole and filter attachement) and 35P (35mm Panoramic). (click images for larger view) I have been an art photographer for around 35 year and have exhibited my work around the world.I startedwith pinhole 4 years ago,and was hooked at once,the way the pinhole rendered the light […]

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