Laser drilled ‘Pinholes’.

Precision, top quality laser drilled pinhole apertures mounted in 20mm vinyl discs. These pinholes are perfectly round and fault free. 
The pinholes are 50 microns thick, that’s 0.002″, or 0.05mm –  extremely thin. The thinner the better when it comes to image quality! These are the pinholes used on all the RealitySoSubtle cameras. The pinhole is sandwiched between the 20mm diameter disc (0.2mm thickness) and black aluminium tape. Pinhole size is laser engraved on the disc. These are great pinholes for your camera projects!

Any 2 sizes shipped anywhere in the world : €12 

Any 5 sizes shipped anywhere in the world : 20

Buy directly here!


Sizes available are :

0.1mm , 0.15mm , 0.2mm , 0.3mm , 0.4mm , 0.5mm and 1mm. Here’s close up done by a customer (Stefan Rasonyi) of the 0.2mm pinhole  –

” I analized your Pinholes, see picture (Zeiss smartzoom 5) , the best ones I ever seen!”


Email if you need some help with your focal length/pinhole size decision.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED – As these items are small and light they ship in a padded envelope as a priority letter. The pinholes are safely packed in a small zip lock bag and taped to the invoice. To minimize costs the package is shipped as a priority letter (no tracking service available). Every customer is emailed a photo of the stamped and addressed envelope at the time of shipping (with the date stamp enabled on camera). Email if you prefer tracked & insured delivery. Order directly here.

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