RealitySoSubtle 8×10″

Original design introduced in 2016 – The RealitySoSubtle 8×10 is an ultra-wide angle flat plane tri-pinhole camera with central and rise pinholes/shutters on both horizontal and vertical orientations –  uses 8×10 sheet film or paper.

Camera features:

    • Takes standard 8×10″ double dark-slide film holders
    • 85mm focal length
    • Three (3X) laser drilled 0.3mm pinholes (f/283) mounted in brass discs.
    • Center, rise (portrait) and rise (horizontal). Rise pinholes offset distance =2″ (50mm)
    • Built-in 52mm filter holders
    • All wood body – outer in mahogany, inner in poplar ply. Satin varnished.
    • Stainless steel back fasteners, stainless steel shutter pulls
    • CNC engraved aiming lines and f number
    • Bubble levels in both portrait & landscape
    • 2x tripod mounts in both portrait & landscape
    • Magnetic shutter closings
    • Camera weight = 2.0kg (without film holder)

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Added to the line-up following several customer requests. The 8×10″ will not be a regular stock item but can be supplied with a lead time of around 3-4 weeks (order to delivery). Email if you would like one.

How much?

€300 + shipping. Buy directly here.

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