Len Collingwood

April 9, 2015
“I have been looking for several years for a robust pin hole camera of a size, rugged construction and weight that I could carry with a compact tripod on a bicycle. I have tested the Aupremierplan CNC built 6×17 camera over the the last few months prior to a 13000 km cycling trip over the next six months. The size for my purposes is perfect I had not considered a 120 format previously having worked with 4×5 and 10×8.
The 6×17 negative contact prints well. I am pleased with the results using alternative printing processes. I have found Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 meets my needs perfectly. The construction is exceptionally strong as consequence of the excellent design, sound materials and good build. I have found no problems in using the camera, the trickiest aspect feeding the film through the camera is mastered after a couple of films and watching the helpful video.
I am very satisfied with the camera and the images it produces.The camera will go with me on my journey.
I am certain it is up to the trip and that I will return with some exciting images.”

– Len Collingwood, Edinburgh


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