The ‘new normal’..

Things with my material suppliers and La Poste (my preferred shipping service) have returned to a reasonable level of service. 

I’ve been posting pinhole apertures almost daily as I can print my own stamps from home and just pop them in the letter box in town. I think there was a lot of pinhole cameras built during this lock-down!

For EU packages I can place them for collection in my own letter box.. this has been a god-send to keep things going over the last 8 weeks. Shout out to the friendly french postmen and women! 

Packages destined for outside EU require me to go to the post office and queue up around the block with the rest  of the ‘undead’… but I am still happy to have these orders.

During this period I’ve also added a new CNC machine to my workshop and have some plans to use it to do some cool new pinhole stuff.

Thanks and best wishes to all my customers! 


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