RealitySoSubtle 4×5″ – Old – Discontinued

Original design introduced in 2014 – The RealitySoSubtle 4×5 is an ultra-wide angle flat plane tri-pinhole camera with central and rise pinholes/shutters on both horizontal and vertical orientations –  uses 4×5 sheet film or paper.

Camera Features:

  • 0.3mm 0.2mm precision laser drilled pinholes, 38mm  35mm focal length. Aperture = f/127 f/175 Pinhole material thickness = 50 microns (.002″).
  • 3 separate pinholes and independant magnetic shutters. One central and 2 ‘rise’ pinholes for fun perspective effects (both offset 31mm from centre).
  • Accurate bubble levels for both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Tripod mounts for both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Accurate sight lines engraved into the wood for ease of composition.

The ‘Rise’ pinholes

Using either of the rise pinholes adds two effects to your image:

  • There is a straightening effect on diverging verticals – this is especially useful for shooting buildings
  • The horizon is shifted – this is nice if you are shooting with the camera level on the ground, you can achieve a more pleasing compostion having more ‘sky’ than ‘land’.


Here are some wonderful examples from James Thorpe –  click on the image to see impressive large versions in flickr. Hollywood Spam Here’s a crop from the above to show the level of detail:   thorpe Pinks Hot Dogs   Frolic Room Cocktails Hollywood Mega Sale  Here’s an example shot with the central pinhole from George Scharnweber : georgsfoto Here’s a good example using the vertical rise pinhole from Vittorio Silingardi: Unipol tower These images were made by Chester Chen : Parallel Universe   Art Science Museum 2This by Patrick T O’Reilly : Last hour of summer This by John Grimson

Other film backs?

By using longer bolts for the rear locking beam various backs of different dpeths can be accomodated. Here’s a 4×5 with a Fuji instant back fitted.. (Email for details if you want to use a different film back.) compoC compoSmall

How much?

€150 + shipping. You can buy directly here.

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