RealitySoSubtle 35P – Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Camera features

The 35P is a panoramic camera for 35mm film.

  • Compact pocket design with rounded edges
  • CNC machined body from High Impact Polystyrene (H.I.P)
  • Flat film plane with pinhole to film distance (focal length) of 27mm.
  • 35x72mm image area  – sprocket areas are exposed.
  • Laser drilled 200 micron (0.2mm) pinhole (f/135). Pinhole material thickness = 50 microns (.002″).
  • Magnetic shutter – magnetic ‘snap to’ both open and closed position
  • Accurate CNC engraved aiming lines on top and both sides for accurate framing.
  • 52mm filter thread
  • 1/4-20 tripod mount
  • Robust ”clicker” to accurately space the frames.
  • Brass winding shafts turning in precision bearings
  • Top-loader with top panel fixed with captive screws
  • In camera rewind feature – ”clicker” disengage switch.
  • Weight: 242 grams

Sample images:

Some wonderful results here from Austin Granger:

Insta: @granger_the_photographer

And these from David Van Zandt:

insta: @dvzphotospdx