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Cylindrical Pinhole cameras

Cylindrical Pinhole cameras

The 4×5” (10x15cm) , 5×7” (13x18cm) and 8×10”(20x25cm) are now available to order.

Designed for paper negatives they work best with matt paper (gloss paper or film can cause unwanted reflections off the emulsion).


We are on holidays from now until 1st August. Any orders will not ship during that period.

4×5 Cylindrical available..

The 4×5 ‘Atomic bomb’ now available to order along with its sibling Film Store.

RSS35P Photos..

Some wonderful results here from Austin Granger:

Insta: @granger_the_photographer

And these from David Van Zandt:

insta: @dvzphotospdx

RSS 35P (Panoramic) now available!

35mm panoramic 35x72mm frame with sprockets exposed now available to order.

RSS35R now available!

The unique double sided colour/redscale pinhole camera now available here.