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Iceland – RSS 6x9F images

Some photos taken in Iceland by Nils Karlson and his RSS 6x9F, you can find his work on his website and instagram.

Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-6 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-9 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-18 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-21 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-27

Epic images from the 6x17F by Nils Karlson

Check out these beauties from Nils Karlson and the 6x17F. (More on the camera page)


Nils Karlson 617F Iceland-17

Nils Karlson 617F Iceland-13

Nils Karlson 617F Iceland-1

Some 6×12 inspiration…

Check out these brilliant and original images made by Mark McCreary: You can follow Mark on instagram.

She's here for the sugar, I'm here for the caffeine

People keep saying summer is over

En garde!

Master Locked

I have some 6×12 cameras in stock now. Buy it here for €160 + shipping.

6x9F added to the line-up

New! 6x9F…27mm focal length with 52mm filter mount.

Find out more here.


Pinholes now with size laser engraved..

All pinholes are now supplied with the hole diameter (in mm) laser engraved onto each disc as shown.


New pinholes…

We’ve changed the pinhole mount! – Same great laser drilled hole but now with a thin flexible vinyl backing. This makes it easy to use on flat or cylindrical cameras as the vinyl bends easily. The new mount is 20mm in diameter in a flat/matt black. Vinly thickness is 0.2mm.

Same great price of €6 each or any 5 sizes for €20!